As global economic picture dims, solutions seem out of reach
WASHINGTON (AP) — As global leaders gather on two continents to take account of a darkening economic outlook, this is the picture they face: Factories are slumping, many businesses are paralyzed, global growth is sputtering and the world's two mightiest economies are in the grip of a dangerous trade war.
Ivory sales still banned, says wildlife conference committee
GENEVA (AP) — International trade in elephant ivory will remain banned, according to a vote at the World Wildlife Conference, known as CITES, in Switzerland.
S. Korea cancels Japan intelligence deal amid trade dispute
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea said Thursday it will terminate an intelligence-sharing deal with Japan that focused on classified information about North Korea, a surprise announcement that is likely to set back U.S.
Key Mueller cooperator Gates testifies in trial of DC lawyer
WASHINGTON (AP) — Rick Gates, a key cooperator in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, testified Thursday against a prominent Washington attorney accused of concealing information from the Justice Department about work done for the government of Ukraine.
Amazon fires stir bitter dispute over who is to blame
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — As fires raged in the Amazon rainforest, the Brazilian government on Thursday denounced international critics who say President Jair Bolsonaro is not doing enough to curb massive deforestation.
Giraffes move closer to endangered species protection
GENEVA (AP) — Nations around the world moved Thursday to protect giraffes as an endangered species for the first time, drawing praise from conservationists and scowls from some sub-Saharan African nations.
UN report condemns sexual violence by Myanmar military
BANGKOK (AP) — Sexual violence carried out by Myanmar's security forces against the country's Muslim Rohingya minority was so widespread and severe that it demonstrates intent to commit genocide as well as warrants prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity, a U.N.
World powers increasingly see icy Arctic as a hot property
TASIILAQ, Greenland (AP) — From a helicopter, Greenland's brilliant white ice and dark mountains make the desolation seem to go on forever.
Foot on table: British PM at home in French president palace
PARIS (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apparently wasn't sweating it despite the high stakes subject of his talks with the president of France: Brexit.
Italy's political parties pitch rival plans to capture power
ROME (AP) — In rapid-fire order, Italy's three main political parties pitched possible deals to rivals Thursday as they scrambled to come out on top in Italy's political crisis and shape the country's future government.
Danish ex-PM attacks Trump for comments on defense spending
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A former Danish prime minister on Thursday lashed out at U.S. President Donald Trump for his tweet about military spending, saying defense willingness is not just about the amount of money spent.
Italian populist mixes religious symbols with his politics
ROME (AP) — Matteo Salvini slipped the rosary out of his pocket right before Premier Giuseppe Conte began his speech to Parliament.
UK's Johnson presses for fresh Brexit talks in Paris
PARIS (AP) — France joined Germany on Thursday in challenging British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to show he can come up with a better alternative to the main sticking point in the stalled Brexit negotiations, giving him a month to prove he can break the deadlock on the Irish border question.
Rohingya shun repatriation to Myanmar, want safety guarantee
COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh (AP) — None of the thousands of Rohingya Muslims living in crowded refugee camps in Bangladesh turned up for a planned repatriation to Myanmar on Thursday, demanding they first be guaranteed safety and citizenship.
Invisible army set stage for liberation of Paris from Nazis
PARIS (AP) — The Nazis knew everything about the city of Paris that they occupied — almost. They didn't know about the bunker with a massive door as thick as a bank vault that served as a command post for the chief of the Resistance in the French capital.
Protesters skeptical as G7 claims anti-globalization mantle
PARIS (AP) — The G-7 summit has for the first time co-opted the message of its protesters: Capitalism has led to damaging inequalities and environmental degradation that has harmed the global economy and a handful of rich countries can't be the only ones making decisions for the world.
The Latest: Macron says Irish backstop is indispensable
PARIS (AP) — The Latest on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's effort to reopen Brexit talks on European trip (all times local): 1:30 p.m.
Weekslong standoffs in Mediterranean becoming 'new normal'
MILAN (AP) — The Ocean Viking carrying 356 people, mostly Africans, rescued in the Mediterranean off Libya is closing in on two weeks at sea without being assigned a safe port to offload the traumatized passengers — a situation that charity workers decry as "the new normal" as Europe fails to devise a systematic response.
Iran's president says 'talks are useless' in dealing with US
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's president struck a muscular tone on dealings with the U.S., saying Thursday that "talks are useless" as Tehran's nuclear deal with world powers crumbles further.
India's 'patriotism pop' songs urge Hindus to claim Kashmir
NEW DELHI (AP) — The music videos began appearing on social media within hours of the announcement by India's Hindu-led nationalist government that it was stripping statehood from the disputed region of Kashmir that had been in place for decades.
Rohingya still fear safety in Myanmar, repatriation unlikely
COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh (AP) — The repatriation of hundreds of Rohingya Muslims appeared unlikely to proceed as planned Thursday after those who were eligible told the U.N.
Killings by police divide Brazilian city weary of crime
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — It happens, on average, more than five times a day in Rio de Janeiro: Police open fire and someone dies. Brazilian human rights and victims' groups are raising alarms about the record levels of deaths at police hands in the state of 17.2 million people, with 1,075 slain in the first seven months of the year, according to official figures.
China's rust belt looks abroad as growth slows, tariffs bite
YINGKOU, China (AP) — From Thailand to Kenya, trains run on tracks from steel mills in China's northeast, a rust-belt region that is trying to capitalize on a multibillion-dollar national initiative to build ports, railways and other projects abroad.
Ties to China shape cautious reaction to Hong Kong protests
For Canada and the European Union, they are a "situation." For President Donald Trump, a potential stumbling block in ongoing trade disputes.
Hong Kong police in standoff with protesters after sit-in
HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong riot police faced off briefly with protesters occupying a suburban train station Wednesday evening following a commemoration of a violent attack there by masked assailants against supporters of the anti-government movement.